Author Topic: Distorsion correction to match old pictures with new ones  (Read 8595 times)

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I'm not sure to be on the right forum - I see it seems not very active -, but I try to explain my issue. Sorry also for my English which is far to be perfect.

I'm looking to take photos at the same place and approximative same focal length than done for old photos taken in my town (postal cards). As you may know, a distorsion problem appears. I wonder whether Hugin would be able to correct these distorsions in order to get very similar photos, time/date excepted. The method would consist in having the old and new photos in a window and to select couples of dots on each photos... as we do with Hugin to assemble photos in a panoramic view... and then, execute the computation in order to apply a distorsion correction on one of the photos.

Does this feature exist ? If not, I think it wouldn't be a great challenge to add it ? Do you agree ?

Best regards,
Piblo (a French amateur photograph)