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Project description
« on: August 22, 2007, 09:10:59 »
We are proud to announce that HUGIN is part of HiTS / ISAC - Highway to security: Secure interoperability of intelligence services. HiTS/ISAC is a prepatory action on 'Enhancement of the European industrial potential in the field of Security Research 2004-2006' (PARS)

The vision of the proposed project HiTS/ISAC is a more secure Europe through prevention of terrorism and organized crime. It addresses the interoperability of intelligence services to exchange information on suspicious activities in order to enable information analysis and fusion from different sources.

Superior situation awareness and cross-border interoperability are key enablers, leading to new technical and operational methods to work, train and co-operate across Europe. Today, information on suspicious activities in databases at law-enforcement authorities is distributed across Europe. The information is not easily available to other authorities in Europe, especially not "on-line".

The objective of HiTS/ISAC is to enable information analysis and fusion from many different sources, through secure cross-border on-line group co-operation between authorities, in order to detect and provide early warnings for suspicious activities, be it communication between suspected criminals, or anomalous movement of persons, goods or money, etc. HiTS/ISAC will develop a problem solving environment and demonstrate it in a virtual operations room which can be
established anywhere, at any time. Tools and processes will be developed and implemented, and demonstrated using realistic scenarios.

The consortium is composed of industries and SME's covering 9 countries of which 4 new Member States.

Project leader: Saab AB, SV

The consortium is composed of 12 partners from 10 countries. The project runs for 18 months starting June 2006.