Author Topic: Linking the interval values of the raster files with the nodes  (Read 738 times)

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Hello Developers,

I am a beginner at Hugin software and trying to learn the software using HUGIN LITE. I wish to work with the raster files and for them, I am trying to build a Bayesian network. My problem is when I select the node type to interval and enter the values for the raster file (e.g. Indices, which has negative and positive values) manually in the table, it does not accept the values. I am not able to find any option where I can link the corresponding tiff file to the node. On youtube, the tutorial to build the model and attach or link the rasters to the node has not been explained but only to enter the values manually in the table of node has been demonstrated.

Please help me in this initial phase so that I can learn the model and further apply it in my research work.

Thanks in advance!