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HUGIN GUI Discussion / Plate Models
« Last post by MarcoGV on March 22, 2021, 21:55:17  »
Greetings to all.  Is there a way to specify plate models directly in Hugin?  Or, maybe even just repetitive models such as the one in Figure 3.46 in Jensen and Nielsen's 2007 book, _Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs_, 2nd ed.?
HUGIN GUI Discussion / A More General Zoom Feature
« Last post by MarcoGV on March 10, 2021, 21:56:47  »
The Zoom feature of the Hugin is very useful.  Unfortunately, it only affects the size of networks in the network pane.  It would be very useful to have a way to increase the size of all parts of the GUI.  For example: I have to take off my glasses and get very close to the screen to read the names of variables, variable values, and probability values in CPTs.  I have to do the same with the belief bars in run mode.  Is there any fix for this?  If not, is there are any plan to add a more general resize feature?
HUGIN GUI Discussion / Hugin Dark theme (for Windows)
« Last post by bobbsterman on December 31, 2020, 19:12:39  »
Hi all!

I love Hugin and hoping I could find a dark theme for it (on Windows). I made a poor very hackish version by simply editing some of the XRC and resource files (see attached - feel free to use and share). The results are... not the greatest xD

Does anyone know a better way to do this?


I'm not sure to be on the right forum - I see it seems not very active -, but I try to explain my issue. Sorry also for my English which is far to be perfect.

I'm looking to take photos at the same place and approximative same focal length than done for old photos taken in my town (postal cards). As you may know, a distorsion problem appears. I wonder whether Hugin would be able to correct these distorsions in order to get very similar photos, time/date excepted. The method would consist in having the old and new photos in a window and to select couples of dots on each photos... as we do with Hugin to assemble photos in a panoramic view... and then, execute the computation in order to apply a distorsion correction on one of the photos.

Does this feature exist ? If not, I think it wouldn't be a great challenge to add it ? Do you agree ?

Best regards,
Piblo (a French amateur photograph)
RHUGIN / Problem running RHugin using latest version of HUGIN
« Last post by Anders L Madsen on April 20, 2020, 10:40:31  »
The RHugin plugin ( searches for the HUGIN installation is a specific location. This location is no longer used to install HUGIN software.

Here is how to solve the issue on the Windows platform:

RHugin tries to locate the Hugin installation, but fails because the naming of the Hugin directory has changed.  Try the following workaround:
  • Start a “Command Prompt” with “Run as Administartor” privileges.
  • CD to the directory that contains the Hugin installation ("C:\Program Files\Hugin Expert").
  • Run this command: mklink /D "Hugin Researcher 8.8 (x64)" "HUGIN 8.8 (x64)"

Notice the Hugin/HUGIN distinction in the mklink-command.

Then follow the instructions for installing the RHugin package.
Thank you
P(e) is the probability of the evidence. E.g., if you have entered X=x and Y=y (assuming discrete nodes), then P(e)=P(X=x,Y=y).

It is calculated as the normalization constant after propagation of evidence in the junction tree.

General Discussion / What does P(e) stands for and How does Hugin calculates it?
« Last post by utkarshani on February 26, 2020, 19:27:07  »
What does P(e) stand for and How does Hugin calculate it?
FAQ / Re: How can I use HUGIN in Matlab?
« Last post by Anders L Madsen on February 06, 2020, 20:08:03  »
Due to an update in Matlab (version 2018a), the access to enums has changed. The above code should be updated to something like this:

Code: [Select]

ghapi = NET.addAssembly ('C:\Program Files\Hugin Expert\HUGIN 8.8 (x64)\HDE8.8CS\Lib\hugincs-8.8-2.0-x64.dll');
myEquilibirumEnumHandle = ghapi.AssemblyHandle.GetType('HAPI.Domain+Equilibrium');
myEvidenceModeEnumHandle2 = ghapi.AssemblyHandle.GetType('HAPI.Domain+EvidenceMode');

d = HAPI.Domain ('C:\Program Files\Hugin Expert\HUGIN 8.8 (x64)\Samples\', HAPI.DefaultClassParseListener);
L = d.GetNodeByName ('L');
d.Compile ();
L.GetBelief (0)
%ans =
%    0.0550
L.GetBelief (1)
%ans =
%    0.9450

X = d.GetNodeByName ('X');
X.SelectState (0);
d.Propagate (myEquilibirumEnumHandle.GetEnumValues().Get(1), myEvidenceModeEnumHandle2.GetEnumValues().Get(0));
L.GetBelief (0)
% %ans =
% %    0.4887
 L.GetBelief (1)
% %ans =
% %    0.5113
FAQ / CLI install documentation HUGIN 8.7
« Last post by Anders L Madsen on October 18, 2019, 09:59:10  »
The following command-line is known to work (April 2019):

msiexec /i HuginDist87(x64).msi /L*v SilentInstallation.log /quiet PATH_LICENSE="C:\TMP\LICENSE-8.7"

A couple of words on the installation:
  • The PATH_LICENSE is of course the path to the location of the HUGIN License file.
  • The .MSI file does not perform a cryptographic check of the License Key - only a shallow sanity check. The deep check is performed every time HUGIN is launched. Therefore you must launch HUGIN to be sure that everything is working properly.
  • The .MSI file will write the license to the location: C:\ProgramData\Hugin Expert. If anything goes wrong, the file can be manually copied to this location.
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