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Title: A searched feature
Post by: Piblo on July 08, 2022, 15:28:40

Sorry if my post is in a wrong forum dscussion.

I'm looking for a feature that I can't find in Hugin. Either, it doesn't exist and it would be useful for many users, or I don't know how to find it.

I work on photography reconductions. I take pictures of views printed on old postcards... at the same location they were taken more than one century ago. I then mix them in a single photo.

Even with using equivalent focal lengths than for the originals, I must deform the recent picture in order it matches to the old one. As for panoramics with Hugin, I'm able to identify control points that would be used by a similar software. Until now, I manually modify the new picture thanks to GIMP and this is tedious and inaccurate.

What I would need, as output, is only the recent picture modified thanks to a process that use the control points... in order to use it later as a calc in GIMP. I don't wish the software automatically produces a mixed picture itself.

Please, could you help ? Thank you.