Author Topic: Stitching Sony Camera Panorama Sweep Photos  (Read 22411 times)

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Stitching Sony Camera Panorama Sweep Photos
« on: October 09, 2012, 18:56:00 »
I just bought a new sony camera with a panorama sweep function.

I am a climber and I like to take 360 panoramas from the summit of mountains I climb. I used to be able to stitch together photos fine when I took about 12-13 of them for a summit panorama.

I took 3 photos from each of the summits of 4 mountains recently. 2 of the photo from each summit were 180 degree sweep panoramas with overlap and the 3rd photo was an ordinary photo to provide overlap to cover the whole 360 degree view.

When I try to load these sweep panoramas into Hugin it asks me for lens data. I am not sure how to enter this. When I try to stitch these photos no matter how many control points I add it doesn't stitch well at all. I either get a thin squished beyond recognition panorama or a disconnected panorama with each sweep panorama turned into a circle.

Is there anyway I can stitch these photos together? In the future should I just take ordinary photos? My goal was to save time. I have been stitching panoramas using Hugin for probably 5 years. If it would help I can upload a lower quality version of the photos I am using.

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

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