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Very bad Fit
« on: March 16, 2012, 23:23:54 »
I have now taken many panoramas but find that whatever I do, when I try to assemble with HUGIN a full 360 degree panorama HUGIN all the time gives me as a result "very bad fit" and that supposedly some points are wrongly assembled and manual intervention is required, and that there must be parallax error. This I get even if I take pictures indoors in a large hall, where absolutely nothing is moving and as a consequence there cannot be any parallax errors. Also checking the points I do NOT find any wrong points, and still there is always "very bad fit". On the other hand, if I try to assemble only a partial panorama using a selection of the same set of data, say, only those that are shot horizontally, HUGIN works successfully. Also, when I use autostitch, it works, but autostitch never works for a 360 degree panorama. Why do I always get “very bad fit” even if the preview looks perfect.
My other problem I have is, I still have not discovered a way on how to get rid of pictures with moving clouds. The problem here in Artvin is, that there are always strong winds and as a consequence clouds always move which HUGIN obviously does not like.

Someone has some idea what is going wrong there?


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Re: Very bad Fit
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