Author Topic: Hugin Researcher Algorithms (Reasons and Supporting Literature ???)  (Read 7808 times)

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I have extensively used Hugin Researcher in my research involving application of BN for Network Management tasks. I thank the Hugin team for developing such a professional software and also for providing the timely support and help.

Now, I am writing my PhD thesis and have to describe and cite the literature related to all the algorithms implemented in Hugin. If you can answer the following queries, it will boost the quality of my thesis.

1. Why were these particular algorithms chosen to be used in Hugin. Like EM for parameter learning, PC/NPC for structure learning and Lauritzen Speigelhalter Algorithm for inference? Even though there are other algorithms for doing the same task.

2. Have these algorithms which have been used in Hugin, compared for their accuracy, performance, speed and memory requirements with other contemporary algorithms existing in literature?

3. What supporting literature and arguments can I quote in my thesis to justify the use of them in my research work? Please provide such information with authentic references.

Hope to hear from you at your earliest possible convenience.