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I ruled out format issues since I have specified the format in exactly the same way for the example data sets - the only difference is the number of variables. Also, for my original file I saved slices of the full data set from R using the same format - still the errors. My artificial data does not include any missing values. My original data has missing values but Hugin reads them OK (coded as "N/A" or just null as suggested in the help files). But I will send you the example data files by email.

The error appears when loading data to the Learning wizard. Specifically, after browsing the file to load and pressing "next". I attach generated a data file containing random numbers with R and saved it as a text file in a proper format. The file has 2000 variables with 100 cases each and gives an error. Similar file but with 1000 variables and 100 cases for each loads without error (I could not attach the files since I was told that they are too large). However, after this exercise it looks like the number of variables is not the problem since with my original data file the error appeared somewhere around 700 variables with some variables containing text and not numbers (each variable had 72 cases here). Feels like it could be a maximum number of bytes reserved for the dimension of this operation or something? I am facing this with the 64-bit linux version.

Hi - I am trying to import a text file with large number of columns (for some feature selection) but I am getting the error "Invalid data source format". A text file with exactly the same format but with only a few variables reads in well. Therefore, I wonder if there is an upper limit of the number of columns (variables) the text file can contain?

Kari Ruohonen

HUGIN GUI Discussion / Can Hugin read XMLBIF files from Weka?
« on: August 28, 2009, 09:59:53  »
I have a BN saved as XMLBIF file generated by Weka ( and I wonder if there is a way to read this network to Hugin?

Many thanks, Kari

I tried to compile this with the instructions given but got three errors:

kari@kant:~$ javac -classpath /usr/local/hugin/lib64/hapi71-64.jar -d EMclassfiles possible loss of precision
found   : long
required: int
          int size = experience.getSize();
                                       ^ possible loss of precision
found   : long
required: int
   int tableSize = CPT.getSize();
                              ^ getConfiguration(long[],long) in COM.hugin.HAPI.Table cannot be applied to (int[],int)
       CPT.getConfiguration(configuration, i);
3 errors

Any suggestions how to get rid of them? I am running Hugin Developer 7.1

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