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Hoping to get suggestions on how to properly render 1 (one) image of a very large land area by merging multiple images from a drone during a programmed mission.

Land area is 3,000 ft x 3,500 ft
I don't want to use a 180 or 360 Panorama; looking to render a 2D flat image
Drone Type: DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Drone Altitude: 400 feet above ground level
Flight path is left to right, parallel to base of rectangle
Camera points toward land area, perpendicular to flight path (see diagram)
Camera points 10 degrees below the horizon
Camera specifications: "FOV 84° 8.8 mm/24 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.8 - f/11 auto focus at 1 m - ∞" (see:

My intentions are to fly in a direction parallel to the base of the land area (see diagram), with the drone camera perpendicular to the direction of flight, using all images that have captured at least a portion of the land area to render a flat, 2D image of the entire land area.

Questions: 1) Am I on the right track? 2) What is the recommended workflow to render a merged image that by all appearances seem to only be one image depicting the entire land area?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...

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