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Does anybody have an idea why Enblend sometimes misses 1 or 2 images and leaves a hole in sphericals?

I find that if I use Numerical Transform to shift yaw, Enblend either picks up the image or loses another 1 or 2 images at a different location.

At times there are no masks in the missing image, other times there may be a small part masked out.

No error messages in the logfile. No warning messages for the missing image. The builtin blender seems to work but I seem to get some miscolouration at some spots.

General Discussion / GUI improvements feature request
« on: October 25, 2016, 01:08:01  »
I have just updated to the latest version and would like to provide some feedback regarding lost functionality since the 2012 version which is quite time consuming for heavy users.

In older versions lens positions, lens parameters and photometric parameters could be modified on the same window after selecting an image. In recent versions I have to open a pop-up window for image variables each time I want to change a parameter for an image. This tripled the amount of mouse clicks needed to manually adjust parameters.

May I suggest to change the variable text boxes in the Advanced and Expert views so that image variables can be changed directly by direct input into the variable text box instead of having to open a pop-up window?

Panos are just a hobby for me but I consider myself a heavy user with well over 1,500 panos stitched with Hugin. I always recommended Hugin and continued to use it despite having also a commercial alternative but the GUI really has lost quite a bit of user friendliness for people who stitch a lot and know exactly what they want to do. Older GUIs were also more intuitive for newbies because you had only to go through the tabs from left to right to learn about the workflow.

Anyway, just a suggestion, I can go back to the older version to maintain my throughput but Hugin is such a great package that I would like to see at least the Advanced or Expert views being focused more on quick processing than nice appearance.

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