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Java / how to get the final CPT values
« on: June 12, 2009, 18:09:41  »
hugin newbie..

Lets suppose I have two trees, each having 3 parents and 1 child,

I want to compare their probabilities as P1(A1|B1,C1,D1) and P2(A2|B2,C2,D2), where as the 3 parents are independent of each other.

how to do this via API?

General Discussion / What is PHPP ?
« on: April 08, 2009, 11:50:18  »
As I browsed through the forum I found this term PHPP used quite often but I could not find any abbreviation/explanation of PHPP!

Java / Alternate Input methods and API samples
« on: April 07, 2009, 18:02:40  »
In order to run any BN with hugin java api, one has to give as argument the .net file which has the network info. Is there any possibility to take xml based (rdf-triples) or anyother input representation formats as well ?

the examples given with hugin release are only .net/.oobn files....there should be some API realted examples as well in order to know, how to use and run.

General Discussion / modelling a simple BN
« on: March 17, 2009, 14:38:47  »
what set of tutorials and exmaples i have to follow to build a BN for uncertain reasoning....i want to achieve the scenario, where we passed two or three conditions out of eight or nine conditions, and than the final inference node should show the probability of it being happening (either from max-propagation or sum propagation) IMAGE Attached

and BTW I need to clear some confusions between
Sum propagation and Max Propagation

HUGIN GUI Discussion / Uncertain Reasoning
« on: March 13, 2009, 18:05:36  »
Hello All,

I am a newbie in HUGIN GUI. I am studying uncertain reasoning in order to give suggestions or persuasions to the user. Lets consider I want to simulate the scenario similar to one given in examples as well.

e.g. given properties of being "Fit" (healthy) as,

"Eat Vegetables" , "Do exercise", "Sleep Well" ,etc.... these are the nodes on which I have to reason that out of 10 possible properties of being "Fit", the person only follows 4, so the percentage of being fit will be 40% but

- How should I make its BN?
- Are the CPT values same as probabilistic weight assigned explicitly to some node? Because I am not sure.

Apart from that, for uncertain reasoning, I should not have to give the CPT values for the expected value .e.g in the above case of being "Fit". IF that is the case than if there are 20 properties of being fit, than I had to enter more than hundred values in the CPT of node "Fit"?

- How to predict without entering the CPT values?

One more question regarding the same above scenario is:
If I have 2 expected values like "Fit" and "Fit2" from the given 10 properties, whereas, Fit precentage will be if 6/10 properties are matched than we will say its 60% Fit and if the rest of them will be assigned to "Fit2" i.e. 40%. How to achieve this?

I am quite novice in it. Sorry for that. Still learning.

thanks alot

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