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Title: Monitor Windows
Post by: abul on March 29, 2010, 18:10:40
When I display the marginal probabilities in monitor windows, the order of the states in each of the nodes does not come the same. Like for example, I have 3 nodes (A,B,C) with three states (L,M,H). Then in one case the monitor window displays (LMH) and in another (HLM).

I knew how to make them the same order. But now I forgot. Please help me.
Title: Re: Monitor Windows
Post by: Anders L Madsen on March 29, 2010, 21:13:57
You can reorder the states of a node in Node Properties (select the node, right click the mouse, and select the States tab). Notice, however, that this does not reorder the content of the node table accordingly. You will have to do this manually.

Hope this helps.
Title: Re: Monitor Windows
Post by: abul on March 30, 2010, 12:49:37
Thank you. You are right. But this might be very tedious when there are lots of nodes in the network.

I figured out what I did to get the states in the same order.

Actually I had used the learning wizard to discritise the data into intervals and it had created "Interval" nodes. When the EM algorithm step had finished the nodes were of the type "Interval", as opposed to "Labelled" nodes which we get when we do learning using the already discritised states. In the latter case, Hugin takes the order of the sates as it observes the states from the case file.

But in the former case, we have a chance to rename the states (after converting the type of nodes from "Interval" to "Labelled") which are in the same order (state 1 to state n).

I hope that helps.